Trump Takes the Fifth Amendment in New York Deposition

Donald J. Trump responded to just a single inquiry, about his name, during a daylong meeting with the New York principal legal officer

more than once summoning his right against self-implication as he was squeezed about his strategic policies.

Donald J. Trump leaving Trump Pinnacle in New York on Wednesday.

Mr. Trump later summoned the fifth Revision in declining to answer the New York principal legal officer's inquiries.

Donald J. Trump has long criticized well-known people who summon their established right against the self implication

For quite a long time after swearing to tell the truth, Mr. Trump sat opposite the New York State head legal officer

"I once inquired as to whether, 'On the off chance that you're guiltless, for what reason are you taking the Fifth Change?'"

he said while perusing from a pre-arranged assertion, which covered fundamentally with one he delivered to general society.