The cost of the iPhone 14 pro max on average be going up, and it's logical the iPhone 14 Expert's issue.

In any case, Apple could be constructing the increment worth the effort with more default accumulating.

said in another tweet that the typical selling cost of the entire iPhone 14 territory could increment by around 15% over that of the iPhone 13

He examines this considering it means higher benefits for one of Apple's principal producing accomplices

however, a more exorbitant cost would hugely affect iPhone-purchasing clients as well. Significantly, Kuo says this increment will be for the most part a result of the iPhone 14 .

Fortunately, Kuo isn't recommending there'll be a 15% cost increment for all models. However, Kuo makes no notice of a particular cost for these more costly iPhone 14 models.

In prior bits of hearsay, we've heard notice of a $100 increment for the iPhone 14 Star (from $999 to $1,099) and Genius Max (from $1,099 to $1,199), while the iPhone 14 out $799 sticker cost.

A fresh-out-of-the-box new model, the iPhone 14 Max, is expected to sell for $899, between the vanilla iPhone 14 and the 14 Ace.